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Body Piercing

At Charm inc Bayfair we are proud to offer a professional Body Piercing Service.

We use the latest Piercing Techniques and Sterilisation processes to ensure our Customers Safety and Satisfaction.

We have 5 Professional Body Piercers and are open for Piercing 7 days a week from 9am.

Our Prices

Needle Piercings $35

*Belly Button                *Eyebrow

*Nipple                          *Nose

*Lip                               *Tongue

*Smiley/Webbing          *Septum

*Frowny                        *Bridge

*Snake Eyes $45

Upper Ear Needle $35

*Helix                             *Daith

*Rook                             *Tragus

*Conch                           *Forward Helix

*Snug                             *Anti-Tragus


Industrial $55

Dermals $45

Female and Male intimates POA

Jewellery Change $5 per person

Cleaning Solution $5

Gun Piercings

Ears $12 per lobe             

Cartilage $20

* Lobes at the same time $25 (Please phone in advance to check we have 2 piercers on)

Tooth Gems $25 Semi Permanent


If there is a Piercing you have your heart set on that is not listed here please come in and talk to our Piercers.



***Note: All Jewellery is sterilised in our autoclave prior to piercing. Charm inc uses quality medical surgical steel jewellery to prevent an allergic reaction. Titanium Jewellery is also available on request.***

Here at Charm inc
- We only pierce with surgical steel or titanium jewelery.
- You are pierced with a brand new, completely sterilized, single use needle
that is disposed of immediately in a medical sharps box.
- All tools used are ultrasonically cleaned and then bagged and
autoclaved to become completely sterilized before use.
- All staff are trained to follow and adhere to the highest safety regulations
and wear gloves at all times.
- You will be fully informed of all risks and possible complications involved.
- Any minors under the age of 16 have had parent or caregiver consent.
- You are to be treated with respect and sensitivity regardless of gender,
race or piercing choices.
Once you walk out of our piercing establishment (which is a sterile
environment) you run the risk of infection due to incorrect cleaning
practices etc. It is completely your own responsibility to look after the
health of your new piercing.
Its important to understand that ... Not all bodies are the same and your
new piercing, whether close to another or in a new part of the body, may
react completely differently by either infection or body rejection. This does
happen sometimes and returning to the piercer that pierced you is a must!
Please visit us or contact us for advice before anything else, we are here
to help you in any way that we can. We also would love your feedback on
your piercing experience with us and to be able to share this with others by
giving us a review on facebook.
07 5723532