Rejection & Migration

CAUTION: Some of the pictures in the following pages (Problem Piercings) are not pretty/may disturb. They are for educational purposes, as an example ONLY.
Please seek a piercers advice before diagnosing yourself.

When your piercing moves closer to the surface or the distance between both openings of your piercing is smaller/narrower, this is migration. 
Sometimes the piercing will move a little, then remain in a different position. For longevity and safety, we recommend about 8mm of tissue between the exit and entry of the piercing. If your piercing is narrower than this, there is a higher risk of losing the piercing. 

Do not allow jewelry to come through to the surface or the result will be an unsightly split scar. It also makes future piercing of the area more difficult. Abandoning a piercing that is progressively getting thinner/shallower is a good idea. It is also a good idea if any of the following are occurring:

- The skin between the channel openings are flaking or peeling.
- There is less than 6mm between the piercing openings.
- If you can see the piercing jewelry through your skin.

 This issues are not restricted to fresh piercings and can happen to a fully healed piercing as well. Here as some methods to help reduce this for happening/stopping the problem from progressing. 

Check the quality, fit and condition of your jewelry. Wearing incorrect/inferior metal or 'scratched' finish can cause problems. Even if the jewelry seems fine, swapping it out can make a difference. The key is to stop the movement, as that can be an issue causing rejection. If your ring is not sitting flat against your body (after a few weeks of healing), or the barbell ends are sinking into your tissue, these are signs the jewelry is too small. Replacing the ill-fitted jewelry to a piece that fits properly can often stop migration that is caused by constriction, as long as the change is made with sufficient tissue remaining.

If you suspect your piercing might be rejecting/migrating, please see your piercer.